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Carbiolice, is a French start-up, expert in the development and the production of 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable solutions. Because on the one hand, recycling is limited, but on the other hand, it remains difficult to do without plastic, a material with unique properties, especially in the fight against food waste, Carbiolice has developed a unique solution to reinvent the end of life of useful plastic.

Carbiolice’s innovation, called Evanesto®, is an enzymatic additive that is added during the traditional manufacturing processes of PLA-based products and packaging. It accelerates the natural disintegration of PLA so that it can be more quickly assimilated by the micro-organisms in the compost. By accelerating its biodegradation capacities, Evanesto® allows this plant-based plastic to become 100% compostable, even in domestic conditions. More concretely, when they contain Evanesto®, yoghurt pots, food trays, or other plastic packaging will be able to turn into compost, without residue or toxicity, in less than 200 days. Evanesto® is indeed the first additive that allows plastics with a high PLA content to achieve certification “OK compost HOME” by TÜV AUSTRIA Group.

With Carbiolice, it is now possible for plastic to be useful to mankind and, at the same time, friendly to the planet.


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