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Arctic Biomaterials Oy

Stand: 4021

Arctic Biomaterials Oy (ABM) is producing high-quality materials for bioresorbable implants (Medical business unit) and as sustainable alternatives for conventional fossil oil-based plastics (Technical business unit).

One specialty utilized in both medical and technical sectors is our proprietary bioresorbable and degradable glass fiber reinforcement technology. These degradable ArcBioxTM glass fibers developed by ABM are designed to reinforce bio-based and biodegradable polymers, while maintaining or even improving their compostability. Biopolymers reinforced with the degradable glass fiber can be used to replace standard glass fiber reinforced PP, PBT and PA.

ABM’s biobased/biodegradable ArcBioxTM plastic compounds include also sustainable alternatives for conventional fossil oil based plastics like PP, PE and ABS e.g. for cosmetic and food packaging as well as various industrial applications and consumer products. The compounds are intended for use in injection moulding, sheet and profile extrusion and 3D filaments.


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