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Protecting the environment and conserving natural resources

ANDRITZ is committed to promoting environmental protection and conservation of natural resources.

"Sustainability is an essential part of ANDRITZ's business strategy and our corporate culture. The focus topics and targets were selected in consideration of the areas where ANDRITZ can make the greatest contribution to a sustainable future.

Our sustainability strategy 'We Care' combines all our ESG initiatives and achievements under one roof. All employees are committed to this strategy."

ANDRITZ offers a broad range of sustainable solutions and products that help to protect the environment, contribute towards decarbonization or carbon neutrality, reduce the use of valuable resources, such as water, or recycle them, e.g. in wastewater treatment plants, or help to maintain biodiversity.

Sustainable solutions that contribute to a circular economy or reuse side-stream resources are also included in this range, as are measures to extend the lifespan of equipment and machines through predictive maintenance.


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