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All Plastics are Recyclable. Why Don't we Recycle all Plastics

10 Nov 2022
Consumer Goods & Retail Packaging 2022
The Plastech Mixer/Melter Technology makes it possible to recycle mixed plastic waste, unsorted, unwashed and unshredded. By applying friction and pressure different plastics are melted at their own melting temperature and by mixing the molten fractions a consistent, homogeneous new material is created. The different plastics have disappeared and there is no separation of these.
This technology makes it possible to recycle the hitherto unrecycled plastics  such as residual mixed plastics, too expensive/difficult to separate, ropes, fishing nets, multilayers, carpet tiles, running shoes and even diapers and cigarette butts. In regions this will increase the ability to recycle all plastics. Moreover, also textile waste (< 20% organic textiles) can be mixed in (up to 50%), solving another big problem.
The technology enables us to build a true circular business because the products made are fully recyclable again and are very durable. By placing this technology and circular business into a regional ecosystem, regio's can truly be made zero-plastic-waste.
Jan Jaap Folmer, Director - Uppact