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Sustainability in The Digital Era

10 Nov 2022
Increasing Sustainability in Manufacturing Sectors 2022
This presentation will explore how the sustainability industry can benefit from digitization, including lessons learnt from Industry 4.0 and the introduction of Web 3.0 across industries. To many, Web 3.0 is nothing more than NFTs and blockchain, and to many more, it’s a passing fad, but we will explore the underlying essence of this new boom in the tech industry and associate the building blocks of Web 3.0 across the sustainability value-chain, including the role of data, ML/AI and blockchain to help improve transparency, accountability and traceability.
We will compare and contrast the sustainability industry with other industries that take a collaborative approach to problem-solving, and identify key focus areas where the stakeholders can come together to help scale the industry at large.
Vig K, CEO - GCA