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Curran – Agri-Waste Sourced Material Providing Superior Barrier Packaging for Food, Personal & Home Care

09 Nov 2022
Consumer Goods & Retail Packaging 2022
CKG will introduce the important actions business, governments and citizens need to make change in helping develop products for the good of people, the planet AND generate profits. CKG will explain his learnings in cotton and will then focus on his desire in using agricultural waste in a sustainable and intelligent way to make a product that will, in turn, help design better solutions for consumers. He will describe what Curran is, how it’s made and its wide variety of solutions. He will then talk about Curran’s key “impact solutions” of which fibre packaging is one. CKG will then introduce (ALB).
ALB will describe the need to move away from plastic packaging and outline the problems he has seen in finding new solutions. He will describe options in sustainable materials and different considerations that brands, scientists, converters and others are facing to solve problems with sustainable barrier packaging for “challenging” products. He will discuss the importance and complexities of WVTR, OTR, water and grease barrier on fibre-based materials and what is needed to help solve these problems. He will then end on a hopeful note introducing some work his team has done to solve some of these problems.
Christian Kemp-Griffin, CEO - Cellucomp Ltd
Alexander Leo Bardenstein, Business Manager - Danish Technological Institute