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We are just at the beginning of a revolution in materials innovation that will yield both significant environmental benefits as well as substantial profits for manufacturing companies aiming to deliver products that feature alternatives to resource-intensive materials. Designing and producing eco-friendly products starts here.

Topics Under Discussion Will Include:

  • Eco-friendly alternatives to conventional plastics
  • Renewable biomass sources
  • Recyclable and secondary raw materials
  • Sustainable composites 
  • The role of the bio-based economy in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals – a key enabler in the transition to a more circular, renewable, and resource‐efficient society
  • New fabrication methods for the production of high-performance, greener, less-toxic materials
  • Evaluating the sustainability and carbon impact of different materials: glass, paper, plastic, bioplastic, metal, and more
  • New regulations and trends
  • Renewable feed-stocks
  • Understanding biodegradability, compostability, and true sustainability
  • Designing products for recycling, re-use, re-purposing


30+ Speakers, 2-Day Conference Track

Conference Programme and Speakers Will Be Announced in July 2021

Are you interested in speaking? Our call for papers is now open - submit your proposal below by the 23rd of April. If you prefer can contact our conference team directly on +44 1483 330 018 or via the button below.