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This conference track will explore how ‘Green Chemistry’ can reduce pollution at its source by minimizing or eliminating the hazards of chemical feed-stocks, reagents, solvents, and products

Topics Under Discussion Will Include

  • Tapping the potential of green chemistry
  • Inventing and innovating new and non-hazardous solvents, surfactants, materials, processes, and products
  • Bio-based chemical development
  • Sustainable consumption and production patterns
  • Co2 as a raw material for chemical manufacturing
  • Use of renewable raw materials, cost-effective operation, and material production
  • Sustainable chemicals management – anticipating legislation, saving costs, and developing circular solutions
  • Circular economy solutions for chemicals
  • Developing methods to reduce or prevent waste, save energy, develop alternative energy sources, and innovative use of existing natural resources

30+ Speakers, 2-Day Conference Track

Conference Programme and Speakers Will Be Announced in May 2021

Are you interested in speaking? Our call for papers is now open - submit your proposal below by the 23rd of April. If you prefer can contact our conference team directly on +44 1483 330 018 or via the button below.