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The Greener Manufacturing Show Conference will bring together more than 130+ sustainability leaders from a wide range of industrial sectors to explore in-depth the latest industry innovations, market trends, regulatory updates, optimizing manufacturing processes, and showcasing the latest R&D in green materials, green chemicals and greener manufacturing facilities of the future. 4 dedicated conference streams will target 4 high priority areas for manufacturing companies - new innovations in sustainable materials, new greener chemicals, and targeting net-zero operations. Attendees will have access to all 4 conferences as well as post-conference proceedings.



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Your Conference Ticket Gives You Access To All Streams And Sessions!


track 4Increasing Sustainability In Manufacturing

Manufacturing activities have led to the creation of huge amounts of waste, the exploitation of natural resources, and excessive consumption of energy. This stream will focus on decarbonizing your operations to create the green factory of the future and help to deliver net zero emissions:

  • Technology advancements to optimize efficiency, resiliency, and sustainability across the full manufacturing life-cycle, including the supply chain
  • Integrating Industry 4.0 and sustainability – collaborative robots, 3D printing, augmented reality and big data
  • Factory automation and digital manufacturing
  • Implementing win-win actions that benefit the environment and create financial value: revolutionary advances in productivity and efficiency without the downsides of waste or pollution
  • Increasing energy efficiency, changing processes and/or technologies, switching fuel and/or power sources
  • Clean power generation: green hydrogen, electric vehicles, smart grids, energy storage systems, green heating


25+ Speakers, 2-Day Conference Stream





track 4Sustainable Materials

We are just at the beginning of a revolution in materials innovation that will yield both significant environmental benefits as well as substantial profits for manufacturing companies aiming to deliver products that feature alternatives to resource-intensive materials:

  • Eco-friendly alternatives to conventional plastics: switching to renewable biomass sources, recyclable materials, green polymers and green bio-based products
  • The role of the bioeconomy in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals – a key enabler in the transition to a more circular, renewable and resource-efficient society
  • New fabrication methods for the production of high-performance, greener, less-toxic materials
  • Evaluating the sustainability and carbon impact of different materials: glass, paper, plastic, bioplastic, metal and more
  • New regulations and trends
  • Renewable feed-stocks
  • Understanding biodegradability, compostability and true sustainability
  • Designing materials for recycling, re-use, re-purposing


25+ Speakers, 2-Day Conference Stream





track 2Fashion & Textiles

World leaders from the clothing, fashion and textiles industry will reveal why sustainable clothing is more than just a trend and how they are redefining how clothes are sourced, made and are being utilized to work for the environment and not against it:

  • Fabrics of the future: the latest materials innovations to help clean-up the fashion and textiles supply chain
  • Designing for circularity: technology and sustainability, hand in hand
  • Harnessing technology to drive effective action toward climate-positive fashion and apparel
  • Fighting textile waste and decarbonizing the fashion industry
  • Placing sustainability at the heart of fashion practice
  • Staying ahead of the regulations
  • Second hand, resale, repairs and the impact on the future of fashion
  • Enacting change in the supply chain: why transparency and traceability leads naturally to sustainability and profitability


25+ Speakers, 2-Day Conference Stream





track 2Consumer Goods & Retail Packaging

In this stream, we will once again explore in detail the new circular innovations to help the global packaging industry and retailers create products and solutions that are 100% circular and environmentally friendly. Contributions from experts will include:

  • Design for recycling to future-proof your business, the economy and the planet
  • Design for re-use to optimize resources and reduce waste
  • Reducing and removing packaging
  • Enhancing the environmental footprint of your packaging with eco-design and life-cycle thinking
  • Phasing out fossil fuel-based plastic packaging and substituting them with bio-based alternatives
  • Alternative materials (paper, metal, glass, etc)
  • Increasing recyclable content and fostering new recycling techniques
  • Rethinking packaging concepts


25+ Speakers, 2-Day Conference Stream