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Design for Profitability and Sustainability

08 Nov 2023
Reducing Manufacturing Emissions
Consumer demand, regulations, financial investors and employees are driving businesses towards more sustainable practices. As a Product Developer or Manufacturer, you have a big responsibility but also the opportunity to make the biggest impact on Product Sustainability. However, making the right decisions to lower product carbon footprint is not intuitive, and balancing product performance, profitability and sustainability is a big challenge. This session will cover some of the practices and initiatives you can implement in your design phase, along with some real-life case studies of how, with the right tools at your fingertips, you can design and manufacture, greener products that your customers will love. Avoid paralysis by analysis and start making data-driven decisions at the product design stage, to lower carbon emissions by automated evaluation of cost and carbon.  
Alex Herking, Principal Consultant, Expert Services - aPriori Technologies