Ultrasonic Sealing Enabling Sustainability

10 Nov 2022
Consumer Goods & Retail Packaging
On the way to a more sustainable and plastic free food industry, companies increasingly use sustainable packaging like mono-materials or paper-based packaging. However, these have very special requirements, which is why the most commonly used technologies are reaching their limits. They mostly rely on the external supply of heat and thus cannot provide a stable process – damaging the more delicate, sustainable materials, resulting in more rejects and food waste.
Ultrasonic sealing helps solve those challenges. Being a highly energy-efficient technology, it generates the heat required to seal a package from within through ultrasonic vibration. This makes it ideal for sealing mono-materials and other sustainable packaging materials securely, tightly and in a visually flawless manner. In this presentation, you will learn how ultrasonic sealing can contribute to the widespread use of sustainable packaging materials, massively reducing plastic consumption in the food industry.
Marius Siebler, Business Development Manager - Herrmann Ultraschalltechnik GmbH & Co.