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Viessmann - Our LEAP to Net Zero

09 Nov 2022
Increasing Sustainability in Manufacturing Sectors 2022
How we are leading a systems transformation towards net zero buildings
We have gone through a thorough process of co-creation and as a result set ourselves a climate strategy that compiles what we plan to do.
Our co-creation process consolidated input not only top down from our company’s leaders but also bottom up, from hundreds of Viessmann family members and external stakeholders.
The result is our climate strategy “LEAP to Net Zero”. It builds upon four pillars for action: Lead, Empower, Advocate and Partner – “LEAP”.
Together with our partners and stakeholders, we want to leapfrog, in other words take a giant step forward, towards reaching net zero in our own operations and the systems that we are a part of.
Timm Rössel, Managing Partner - Etanomics Service GmbH
Andreas Wade, Head of Sustainability - Viesmann