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Circularity and Digital Product Pass – Where Shall the Data Come From?

10 Nov 2022
Fashion & Textiles 2022

In the current "EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles", the Digital Product Passport is next to a chapter on avoiding microplastic, the central, product data-related element on the way to a circular industry, and the innovation that will have the largest impact on the IT- and Process-landscapes.
In 18 months, the essential prerequisites for the future Digital Product Passport will be created for electronics, batteries and textiles in the so-called "CIRPASS" project, just started in October 2022.
The speaker Andreas Schneider is the "Sector Lead for Textiles" in the CIRPASS project.
In his presentation, he will describe important details and the current status at the project launch, as well as how the GTS standard, initiated by him and a group of visionary pioneers - from fibre to circular economy - can help companies of all sizes to automatically generate and provide the product, certificate and circular material data required in the Digital Product Passport. 
GTS enables you to quickly and easily enter the world of automated data exchange between suppliers, producers, brands and retailers. 
So that collaboration becomes faster, more secure and more sustainable.

Andreas Schneider, CEO - Global Textile Scheme GmbH