Designing Well-Functioning Deposit Return Systems (DRS) for Circularity

09 Nov 2022
Consumer Goods & Retail Packaging
Well-designed deposit return schemes (DRS) will play an essential role to achieve the circular economy ambitions of the beverage industry in the EU and contribute to the EU climate targets. With the aim of reaching close to 100% recycling by 2030, as set out in the aluminium beverage can industry‘s Recycling Roadmap, DRS is a key tool not only to reach high collection rates but also to substantially increase the circularity of high-quality food-grade recycled material in closed product loops, therefore increasing recycled content, minimizing the need for virgin material and reducing carbon emissions as well as littering. To achieve those goals, DRS must be designed across Europe based on a series of minimum criteria.
Claudia Bierth, European Sustainability & Public Affairs Manager - Ball Beverage Packaging EMEA