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Sustainable Start-Up Co-Operations Within a Circular Plastic Industry Best Practice Examples and Multi-Perspective Evaluation of Sustainable Start-Up Activities Between Corporate and Start-Ups

09 Nov 2022
Consumer Goods & Retail Packaging 2022

Within a fast changing and complex business world innovation management and an agile adaption of core businesses is crucial to sustainably managing traditional companies within the plastic industry also in the future. Thus, one approach of anchoring innovative solutions within a corporate can be the cooperation with startups. During this panel startups collaborations will be regarded from three different angles: a startup, a university and a corporate angle.

Port F as the corporate innovation lab of the Feddersen group will  report about one practical case pointing out the obstacles but also the tremendous advantages of incorporating sustainable startup activities and cooperation within medium-sized traditional plastic companies such as the Feddersen group. In this best practice case, port F has invested a small venture capital ticket in a biomaterials startup Biofiber Tech Sweden AB (BFT) to bring the cooperation in operational topics to the next level. Sara from the startup BFT and Silke from port F will share some insights about their joint experiences. Also, during this panel, Edda from OBI squared will give some exciting insights about her KPI-driven startup activities and venture clienting work and their impact on a corporate’s success. With her university perspective and experience within entrepreneurial management Christina will enrichen the multi-perspective view on sustainable startup cooperations.

Silke Hamm, Business Development Manager & Corporate Innovation - Port F – Feddersen Group
Sara Georgsson, Business Development, Brand Management & Sales - Biofiber Tech Sweden AB
Edda Becker, Senior Venture Associate - OBI SQUARED - OBI Group Holding
Christina Mertsch, Entrepreneurial Manager - RWTH Innovation