Reducing CO2 and Energy Costs - Thermal Storage as a Green Solution for Industry and Manufacturing

09 Nov 2022
Increasing Sustainability in Manufacturing Sectors
About 30% of our global energy demand is driven by the industrial sector alone, and the majority of industrial heat as part of that is still driven by fossil fuels. Industry worldwide faces its own energy trilemma - to decarbonise and guarantee its security of supply while keeping costs low. Yet, so far, industry has not seized on a game changing solution which delivers on all aspects of the trilemma, while also turning energy users into producers. We are talking about thermal storage, energy on demand in the form of heat, steam, power to improve the efficiency of industrial heating by delivering intelligent ways to capture, store and release heat at peak times throughout the day to support manufacturers and energy-intensive industries to manage resources more effectively. Shifting mindsets on heat is a critical component of a successful energy transition, and the missing lever to help industry demonstrate the potential of a truly circular economy.'
Tamsin Lishman, Chief Revenue Officer - Energy Nest