Reducing Climate Impact: Can Consumers Change the World on Shelf

10 Nov 2022
Sustainable Materials for Manufacturing & Construction

Did you know that there are plastics in baby wipes? 
Our choices matter in daily life. As VEOCEL™, we’re dedicated to show consumers that ingredients in everyday care products can be eco-friendly. 
By choosing them, we can do good for decreasing our negative impact on the environment. 

Lenzing´s wood-based biodegradable VEOCEL™ branded fibers are a true sustainable alternative to fossil-based synthetics. VEOCEL™ fibers are used in many single-use products from baby wipes & make-up remover wipes, household & disinfecting wipes to baby diapers, fem care products and even facial sheet masks. These everyday care products are part of our lives and by choosing the eco-friendly version of them, we can have a positive impact on our environment. The Single-Use Plastics Directive, announced by EU drives attention to single-use products which contain plastics. The directive enables consumers to make a more informed purchase decision. VEOCEL™ fibers are made of the raw material wood and sourced from sustainably managed forests. Thus, VEOCEL™ fibers are biodegradable and compostable meaning they are derived from nature and return to nature at the end of their life cycle. 
Additionally, VEOCEL™ recently marked a milestone with the introduction of the industry´s first carbon neutral VEOCEL™ branded fibers. The new offering for Lyocell fibers will enable VEOCEL™ to support nonwovens industry partners and product brand to reduce climate impact through the use of fibers with a net-zero carbon footprint.

Jürgen Eizninger, Senior Commercial Director EU/AM/MEA - Lenzing AG