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The Transformation of Plastic Waste into “Refresh Plastics” Revenue Model's

10 Nov 2022
Increasing Sustainability in Manufacturing Sectors 2022
It needs no substantiation that plastics and the pollution associated with them is an extremely big problem worldwide, and will affect us all personally if we do not take action.
In general, we can state that it is not the plastic that is the problem, but the COLOUR that is used and the processing of it that makes the plastic worthless!
The colour ensures that after use, the valuable plastic is only burned or buried at the rubbish dump because the colour does not come out.
Refresh Plastics b.v. has developed a technology that enables us to give plastics the correct colour and achieve a much better result than the standard ColorMasterBatches using conventional production applications.
We turn 100% plastic waste, to which the Refresh Plastics Technology has been added as a Color Master Batch, into a 100% Near Virging recyclate and with the addition of Refresh Plastics Technology into a 100% Color Master Batch with Technology so that 100% plastic waste becomes 100% valuable plastic again!
Our technology and processing of plastic waste is CO2/Carbon Footprint Certified in Europe, our CO2 reduction certificates will be traded soon and with that we contribute in a close lope to a cleaner world where plastic is not treated as waste but as a valuable raw material.
Hendré Vos, Managing Partner & Founder - Refresh Plastics