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The Next Generation of Plastic-Free: Innovative Plant-Based Replacements for Single Use Plastic

10 Nov 2022
Sustainable Materials for Manufacturing & Construction 2022

Xampla is a BCorp Cambridge University spin-out which has created the world's first entirely natural replacement for plastic made from plant proteins, such as pea-protein. The material performs just like synthetic polymers, but decomposes naturally and fully without harming the environment.
Xampla's plant protein-based material has been developed through more than 15 years' research at the University of Cambridge. The academic research has moved on to develop technologies using this material for the packaging industry, the food & drink industry and agriculture.
This presentation will be delivered by Simon Hombersley, CEO of Xampla and will explore the opportunities that are available with 100 percent plant based polymers for brands looking to switch from traditional plastics. A successful cleantech entrepreneur, Simon is well placed to discuss the journey from start-up to scale up, reflecting on the lessons Xampla has learnt and where it will go over the next 12-months to bring its innovative material to a large consumer base.
Xampla's core technology is created from naturally occurring polymers and is handled and processed with no chemical modification, making it high performance and seamlessly biodegradable ' thus if it ends up in the environment it causes no harm. This presents a significant opportunity for brands to replace their single-use packaging with something that offers the same benefits without harming the environment.'
It is Xampla's core mission to eliminate the most polluting single-use plastics for the sake of our ocean's health, and this presentation will also explore how this material can be used in a variety of markets and applications, bringing something not only new to the market, but something completely natural that brands and consumers have been seeking. This is not only significant for brands, but also for the development and innovation of products.
This presentation seeks to share how commonly used single-use plastics and microplastics can be replaced with like-for-like alternatives that fit with existing processes and equipment used by industry, and how it is possible to create plastic technology that will home compost, and even break down in the natural environment, as a safe solution for the Earth's soils and seas.
We will also cover examples of how these materials have been used with major global brands. These include Xampla's recent announcement that it is partnering with Britvic to further develop its material to hold nutrients within liquids as well as creating the world's first edible stock cube wrapper made from pea protein developed for meal kit retailer Gousto, which has the potential to replace 17 tonnes of plastic annually, if rolled out at scale. '
The presentation will also include powerful visuals of Xampla's polymers and materials and the opportunity this presents for industry, consumers and the planet.

Stanley Mitchell, Head of Business Development - Xampla