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New Textiles from Pineapple Leaf Fibres

09 Nov 2022
Fashion & Textiles 2022
The production of cellulosic derived fibres has doubled in 10 years from 3 to 6 million tonnes, this demand on natural and fabricated cellulosic fibres is expected to continue and rise. 580 Metric tons of agricultural waste is burnt every year, being pineapple harvesting waste one of the main components together with rice, maize, oat, wheat, and sugarcane (not necessarily in order). Why do not use part of this waste to cover the cellulosic derived fibres demand?
Ananas Anam, produces textiles derived from pineapple leaf fibres as Piñatex® and Piñayarn®, a new development which offers a more sustainable and less harmful textile alternative to conventional and plastic derived materials. No extra land, water or pesticides are required to produce the raw material and there are no additional harmful chemicals added in the process of making Piñayarn®.
Piñayarn® is extremely versatile, 100% plant based and with the ability of tweaking the yarn specifications to make it suitable for use across various applications within all textile industry sectors. We continuously develop Piñayarn® to apply to new end-products and at Ananas-Anam we are always researching the new innovative and more sustainable textile finishings currently on the market that can be applied to our material.
Melissa Braithwaite, Piñayarn Development Manager - Ananas Anam