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Measure, Manage, Finance: Three Steps for Corporate Plastic Action

10 Nov 2022
Sustainable Materials for Manufacturing & Construction 2022
The panel discussion will highlight through a case study how a plastic value chain actor can take action and generate a positive environmental impact by measuring its plastic footprint, managing plastic pollution within its value chain, and financing plastic waste collection and recycling infrastructure through plastic credits. First the panel will walk the audience through the process of accounting for plastic usage and environmental leakage throughout a supply chain. Second the panel will discuss the mitigation hierarchy and how action starts by first addressing hotspots within the value chain. Finally, the panel will present how plastic credits and the partnership with M & Mme Recyclage is driving financing to local recycling activities in South Western France
Irene Hofmeijer, Practice Lead Circular Economy - South Pole
Lise Nicolas, Co-Founder - M. & Mme Recyclage
Komal Sinha, Director, Plastics and Sustainable Development Policy and Markets - Verra