A Materials Revolution to Enable True Circularity for Plastics

10 Nov 2022
Sustainable Materials for Manufacturing & Construction

The world is in the middle of a plastic waste crisis, only made worse by the pandemic. The limitations of traditional recycling technologies and economic challenges facing the planet currently present significant roadblocks in tackling this problem. While there is no single solution to solve this growing crisis, there are innovations and technologies from the industry to help.
To truly transform into a global circular economy for plastics, the acceptance and implementation of advanced recycling technologies across the board, is critical.
Partnering with the whole eco system for a materials revolution and constructive conversations to repair and prepare our planet for future generations is essential.

-    The ins and outs, pros and cons of advanced recycling
-       Eastman projects and partnerships
-    The infrastructure challenges in Europe that need to be solved to get more chemical recycling technologies operating at scale
-    How we can all join forces so that plastic never become waste.

Reinier De Graaf, Director, Feedstock Strategy Europe - Eastman