How to Make Food, Materials and Energy Regenerative, Better and Cheap

10 Nov 2022
Increasing Sustainability in Manufacturing Sectors

Carbonauten will launch the "minus CO2 factory 001" in 2022 to reduce climate gases in the order of gigatons and to obtain raw materials for sustainable products. The CO2 sink is created by carbonizing biomass residues into biocarbons at decentralized, modular facilities - anywhere in the world. One ton of carbon produced in this way permanently stores up to 3.3 tons of CO2. In addition to biocarbon - as a CO2-negative raw material - the carbonauten system supplies 24/7 base-load renewable energy to operate the company's own production facilities and also to supply local companies and communities.
In corporate divisions of the company, carbonauten ensures that sustainability becomes practicable. In collaboration with various industrial partners, they produce high-quality, biocarbon enriched plastic granules, construction materials and agricultural soil additives - and at low prices. This is because the carbonauten have set themselves the goal of making bio cheap and thus accessible to everyone. 

These biocarbon added products are called "carbonauten NET-Materials ®" (negative emission technology). The amazing thing is that they have an impact far beyond the simple understanding of sustainability. Thus, they not only do not cause further damage to our social and ecological systems, but actively contribute to their regeneration.

Denis Maier, Research and Development - Carbonauten GmbH