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Infinitely Sustainable Metal: The True Circularity Champion

10 Nov 2022
Sustainable Materials for Manufacturing & Construction 2022
Consumer demand for eco-friendly and sustainable product packaging has proven remarkably stable and robust throughout the societal changes in recent years. In fact, up to 70% of consumers consider themselves as environmentally aware and 86% of younger consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. As the momentum continues to grow, what exactly makes some types of packaging more sustainable than others? In this talk, we will share the intrinsic advantages of metal packaging and how they help brands win in the market while protecting the world around us.
Key takeaways:
''' 'Unpack global consumer perceptions on sustainable packaging (>15,000 interviews)
''' 'The value of infinite recyclability in a circular economy
''' 'Opportunity for brands to drive sustainability and business value
Jenny Wassenaar, Chief Sustainability Officer - Trivium Packaging
Santi Mier, CEO & Co-Founder - Ocean52