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Importance of Standards & Certification in Plastic Value Chains

10 Nov 2022
Consumer Goods & Retail Packaging 2022

Plastic value chains are complex and there are significant ecological and social impacts associated with the production, consumption and disposal of plastic waste. Voluntary standards and certification increase transparency, require accountability and drive actions that reduce environmental risk and improve livelihoods in plastic value chains. 

Standards, like Verra’s Plastic Standard, are backed by quality assurance principles, and require third-party assessment and verification of claims and impact by independent auditing bodies. Project impacts must be accounted for using a technically sound quantification methodology specific to particular project types. The Verra Registry is available to the public and provides a central storehouse of data on all certified projects.

Following ISEAL best practices, the Plastic Standard was developed with input from diverse external stakeholders to ensure workability and applicability to a broad range of contexts. 

Komal Sinha, Director, Plastics and Sustainable Development Policy and Markets - Verra