GRETE - Green Chemicals and Technologies to Produce High-Quality Man-Made Cellulose Fibres

10 Nov 2022
Fashion & Textiles
The GRETE project develops new and better technologies for wood pulp modification, cellulose dissolution and high-quality man-made cellulose fibre generation complying with sustainability requirements and market needs. Currently, the raw material base to produce man-made cellulose fibres is limited and questionable, as only dissolving grade wood pulps are used commonly. Enzymatic modification of paper-grade pulps opens up a new cellulose source for industrial applications, widening the sustainable raw material basis for man-made cellulose fibres. In addition, the solvent systems used to produce commercial man-made cellulose fibres are based on toxic and explosive chemicals; the GRETE processing technologies increase safety, sustainability and feasibility of man-made cellulose fibre manufacturing. The issues addressed by GRETE play a significant role in developing sustainable and green technologies for the European textile industry, and the consortium unites leading research experts with key industry players to guarantee a tangible impact for all stakeholders. On the occasion of the Greener Manufacturing Show Conference 2022, the project results will be presented to a large audience, translating the research findings into promising industrial applications.
Veronica Sarbach, Communication Manager - GRETE
Claudia Reder, Materials Research & Innovation - Materially