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GreenaDu - Plastic-Free and Zero Carbon Textiles

09 Nov 2022
Fashion & Textiles 2022

Changing materials and business models 
Key challenges he addresses are
- scaling cradle-to-cradle design across many different textiles
- keeping the supply chain in Europe.
- having a carbon footprint for every product and managing carbon emissions instead of externalising them.
- removing trade-offs between product quality („touch&feel“) and environmental impact.
- substituting cotton and polyester, which are currently dominating the textile markets by wood-based fibres (e.g. Lyocell/Tencel)

He truly believes that real premium textiles will have to become plastic-free and carbon neutral and that todays’s entrepreneurs need to respect future generations instead of destroying the planet."

Jörg Klein, Sustainability Fanatic - GreenaDu