Digital Product Passports (DPP): What, How, and Why?

10 Nov 2022
Increasing Sustainability in Manufacturing Sectors
Digital product passports (DPP) aim to gather and share product and supply chain data across entire value chains. This will mean all actors have a better understanding of the materials and products they buy and use and their embodied environmental impact. But which products will be the first to implement digital product passports? What specific data will need to be included? How do you even go about implementing such a digital documentation system? And why make the effort to get ahead of these legislations? Join us on November 9 to learn more about this upcoming regulation and the technological innovations to create end-to-end material traceability and data sharing. Mesbah Sabur, founder of Circularise, will share what is known so far about digital product passports and how Circularise can help to implement material traceability and data sharing along the value chain to comply with these new legislations. '
Mesbah Sabur, Founder - Circularise