Cork Polymer Compounds: How Cork Can Replace Plastic?

09 Nov 2022
Sustainable Materials for Manufacturing & Construction
At I. Cork factory, our innovation hub, we achieve the perfect match between performance and sustainability. New, innovative, and high-performance products from the circular economy are being created. With cork at the core, blended with other materials, that are by-products from other industries (industrial symbiosis), we give materials a new life by creating new products that leverage cork's attributes while taking care of the planet.
Developed by Amorim Cork Composites’ I. Cork factory, CPCs are a range of cork polymer compounds, offering the moldability of polymers and the lightness and sustainability of cork.
Cork polymer compounds replace conventional plastic with a sustainable alternative keeping the performance and aesthetics desired for the application. The result is a reduced CO₂ footprint, increased lightness, improved thermal and acoustic properties or grip performance. CPCs are suited for applications in various market segments seeking a high-performance, bio-based alternative to polymers.
Eduardo Soares, Innovation & Product Management Director - Amorim