Collaborating to Find Circular Solutions to Global Packaging Challenges

10 Nov 2022
Consumer Goods & Retail Packaging
In the last decade, we have made considerable advances in developing a wide range of plastic recycling options, and Anthesis is tracking the development of plastics recycling plants using a wide range of technologies all over the world. We will need the whole suite of technology options to create viable circular supply chains for the range of plastics being consumed. 
The key to moving forward will be defining the parameters of where it is beneficial to replace plastics, change to bio-based or compostable plastics and use specific plastics recycling technologies that are best placed to achieve net-zero. 
The issue and need to act is recognised at government levels, across sectors and throughout the plastics supply chain and is matched by the establishment of venture, impact, and infrastructure funds to meet ESG objectives and increase the share of sustainable finance initiatives. However, investment in new recycling infrastructure has been slow to accelerate and match the need for recyclates to replace virgin plastics.
This presentation will:
•    Map out the gap between the demand and supply of plastics recycling based on Anthesis plant-by-plant analysis of the market vs plastic pact commitments
•    Outline the current misalignment of the capital intensity of investments into a complex plastics recycling supply chain and the expectations of investors for attractive investment profiles in regulated feedstock and fluctuating output markets
•    Propose potential solutions and approaches to match the available finance with the required capacity growth through new forms of mixed funding, co-investing, contracting, and pre-financing models to reduce commercial risk and increase revenue security
Anna Brockhaus, Consultant - Anthesis