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Accelerating Defossilization Through Materials Innovation

09 Nov 2022

As a world-class supplier of cutting-edge biomaterials, CovationBio supplies sustainable materials to industries that historically have relied on cheap petroleum-based synthetic polymers for the production of fashion, home textiles, and industrial packaging. 

Global reliance on fossil fuel extraction stands in the way of transitioning to a truly sustainable system.  For context, the textile industry’s production of synthetic fibers currently accounts for 1.35% of global consumption.  Additionally, petro-based materials provide a significant portion of profit to fossil fuel producers from extracting, processing, and selling barrels of oil, which enable and support the entire fossil-based industry.  Consequently, the impact of replacing petroleum-based materials extends beyond the direct impact of the use of the materials themselves.

Through materials like Sorona®, Susterra®, and Zemea®, which are sourced from annually renewable feedstocks, CovationBio offers customers the option to select high-performance biobased solutions, enabling and accelerating the defossilization of industries and economies.